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We are a Licenced Health & Safety Nationwide with offices in Cardiff Team, St. Helensshire, London, Scotland, Wales and the Midlands.

Your one-stop destination for safe asbestos removal and disposal in UK. We provide a comprehensive range of asbestos removal services in UK for domestic, industrial and commercial properties.

If you need a Survey or advice relating to your asbestos-related problems, we can provide you with packages that are customised to cater to your specific requirements. We apply the most effective and current techniques for removing asbestos quickly and safely.

Detailed method statements are designed to make sure that best practices are implemented at all times and they are compliant with UKs rules and regulations.


Our Best Services

Asbestos Testing and survey

An Asbestos Surveyor carries out asbestos surveys. This can be a Management Asbestos Survey (MAS) or a Refurbishment Demolition Asbestos Survey (RDAS). Asbestos surveys consist of building inspection,

Asbestos Roof Removal

At Asbestos Removal Cardiff Team Ltd., asbestos roof removal is one of the most common services that we undertake for our clients. We work across Leeds providing competitively priced services. Our technicians

Asbestos Garage Removal

Asbestos Removal Cardiff Team Ltd. specialises in the safe removal of asbestos. Our team specialises in removing old asbestos garages, asbestos corrugated roofs, sheds, drain pipes, boiler flues and so on.

Industrial Asbestos Removal

Do you require industrial asbestos removal ? Asbestos Removal Cardiff Team Ltd. is one of the main asbestos elimination and analysis contractor for hire based out of Cardiff Team. We are focused on giving

Commercial Asbestos Removal

Specialists in managing asbestos at business premises and commercial properties, Asbestos Removal Cardiff Team Ltd. have years of experience in concealing, securing and removing asbestos.

Domestic Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Cardiff Team Ltd. is a licensed asbestos removal specialist based in Leeds. If you suspect asbestos within your residential building or home and looking for experienced asbestos removers



A worker wearing protective clothing while clearing the hazardous substance,asbestos,from an old attic.

Our fully sealed, enclosed skips are collected by our inhouse team of ADR trained drivers, with asbestos waste loads overseen by a qualified DGSA. We also accept waste asbestos tipped by specialist contractors at our Willesden Junction site.  Full compliance documentation is required and all asbestos waste tipped must be double-wrapped or bagged with correct packaging symbols in line with legislation